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Algarve Secret Proposal Photography

It will soon be warming up in the Algarve & that for us means the start of partners contacting us to provide our photography service to secretly capture them proposing to their prospective spouses.

We started this service in the summer of 2017 & the secret sessions proved very popular as well as our standard engagement & anniversary photography sessions. Weve had many couples from the USA & also Ireland, India & Canada.

The Algarve coastline from Cape St Vincent to Faro is renowned for its beautiful scenery & provides a stunning backdrop to frame our couples.

We use a variety of techniques & equipment to ensure the prospective spouse has no idea that we are there capturing the moment. We use extremely long lenses on our cameras & at times decoys to give the idea that we were a family group on holiday photographing the family. In some cases staff from some of the hotels & restaurants that were involved helped us in achieving this secrecy.

We work closely with our couples & establishments to dress the scene & provide props to ensure that the session is exactly what is required. We have provided, picnic blankets, champagne on ice, rose petals, small signs, memory tree & other smaller props. We also give advice on the best areas, locations & establishments for that perfect proposal.

Top Tips for organizing the perfect Secret Proposal with us.

1. Start organizing as early as possible, the summer season is extremely busy in the Algarve & things can get booked up very quickly. Get in touch with us & we can start planning for you.

2. Research an area of the coast you would like the session to be & have an idea of how you want to dress the scene. Will you require any props & if you require the use of an establishment like a hotel, complex or restaurant. The staff in these establishments are usually very helpful and amenable to requests when it comes to wedding proposals. Google images is a great source to research areas.

3. Location is very important. We can normally secretly photograph as long as there is a clear unobstructed view. Distance isnt usually a problem as we have the equipment to cater for this. We have photographed from a cliff top while the proposal was happening on another cliff top over 100 meters away.

4. Choose your time of day for the proposal wisely. Most couples go for late afternoon, early evening as the light starts to soften & we can capture stunning sunset photographs after the proposal. During the height of summer the temperature in late evening can still be very hot. We have seen strawberries dipped in chocolate melt very quickly. Early morning sessions would be the coolest time and also have beautiful light. If the shoot is in an establishment your are limited to the opening times and availability.

5. Most importantly...DONT PANIC! Get in touch with us & we can take the worry out of organizing & come up with a plan to help you every step of the way with achieving that perfect Secret Proposal and capture every moment.

We also provide our photography service for couples who are recently engaged & who are also celebrating a wedding anniversary & would like a photo shoot along the stunning coastline or a sunset photo shoot.

The coastline of the Algarve is a fantastic choice for that Secret Proposal or engagement & anniversary photo shoot. Miles and miles of stunning coast line to choose from. Dozens of locations and establishments. The hot climate and beautiful sunsets and of course Phaze Photography taking your pictures.

Contact Phaze Photography at

+351 927613513

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